Cafe’ Sola is attempting to add its voice and perspective to the greater Confessional Lutheran voice that is taking its much needed place among the ever increasing barrage of non biblical, non confessional voices that are overwhelming the internet and various social media. We intend to present the confessional Lutheran perspective in a gentle and respectful way. It is our practice to pull quotes and other material from other much more learned sources, including many confessional pastors, and present them to you in the Cafe’ for you to consume throughout your day. From time to time we will offer up our lay perspective of things. You may find us challenging current trends or you may see us adding a supporting lay voice to the confessional pastors voices that address any variety of topics and doctrine. Above all, and hopefully as our guiding principle, we will stay focused on the Solas of the Reformation. Grace alone – Faith alone – Christ alone – Scripture alone as well as a reminder that to God alone be all the glory!