Psalms – An Introduction – Lesson 4

Today I will be completing study and preparation for the 4th lesson on the Introduction to the Psalms.

It is truly a blessing to read, mark, and inwardly digest God’s Word. I pray that as this study moves forward the Holy Spirit will work through me, getting me out of the way, so that the truths of the Word can be presented to the Saturday morning class where this study is being held.

I am benefiting greatly from the Concordia Publishing House People’s Bible Commentary Psalms 1 book.


It really feels like the book of Psalms is opening up to me in a way I’ve never know. Please don’t take that to mean that I have some special incite that no one has ever had before. What I am referring to is that I have read many of the Psalms before but from perspective that was lacking a good knowledge of Hebrew poetry and many other aspects that we have been covering so far in the first three lessons.

Some of those things are:
– God’s people sing
– The Lutheran Church has become know as “The Singing Church”
– Psalms/Hymns are a great way for the Word of God to dwell in us richly
– Psalms can and should be used to guide our prayer lives
– Much of our Liturgy is based upon the Psalms
– The Psalms, including the headings, are the inspired Word of God
– They are useful, like all Scripture, for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness
– There are 5 main types, messianic, teaching, comfort, prayer and thanksgiving
– Christ is ever present in the Psalms
– There are Imprecatory Psalms that contain curses or prayers for punishment

THIS LESSON will bring knowledge in the following areas:
– The headings of Psalms
– The writing of Psalms and
– The dating of Psalms

I will update you after class tomorrow as to how things went.

Thanks for giving Cafe’ Sola a portion of your valuable time!

In His service,
Christopher Hogan
Cafe’ Sola